The Collection

A few weeks ago I snapped this photo from downtown Cincinnati between 3rd and Pete Rose Way, facing Mt. Adams. At the time I took it I didn't know a blue saucer and set of rings appeared in the pic. If you look closely you can see the blue saucer image is behind a tree branch. I thought that was pretty nifty. Probably around 5" exposure.

Yep. Paint. I used Paint. No shame. Here's the images duplicated and enlarged. Getting scared? Did you eat a "5-layer" product from Taco Bell?

Now things get weird. While shuffling through photos taken from The Mockbee building, I discovered another set of rings below another UFO photo I took sometime in the summer 2011. I estimate a 8"-12" exposure.

And another set of rings from the front side of The Mockbee building.

So what do you think? Personally, I don't contest the reality of the images, whatever they are. The geometry of the rings is incredible and the fact that they're all on different planes is just...well.. puzzling. If there's one thing you can believe in, it's that I'll be out there freezing my strudel taking more pictures.

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